As I lay in bed I struggled to remember what day it was

The last few weeks have been BUSY with work, clients, youth sports and an incredible trip to help out at the Beast Mode Archery Challenge. When I finally calculated it was July 1st a shivering thought crossed my mind: We are X number of days away from the opening of hunting season!

How many days?

To be a little more accurate, September is 62 days away which would signal the start of elk seasons in many western states. Here in Missouri, archery season for whitetail kicks off in approximately 77 days. Earlier in the week I was already stressing about final prep work on our farm but knowing that I will actually be climbing stands and possibly dragging deer out of the woods I asked myself the question: Am I physically ready to perform?

Breaking bad habits

I am notorious for not shooting my bow until right before the season opener. I suppose if that is the only bad habit I possess in this world, I’ll be okay but I want to be more accurate in the field. Missouri heat is oppressive but this weekend I am dusting off the bow case and sending a few down range. I am certain there are many of you who have been shooting since last year. If so, keep that up but if you are like me, it is time to start getting reps.

Gear Check

Do not wait until the last minute! Supply chains are beyond messed up and it may be difficult to find the gear you need to physically hunt. I could think of nothing worse than to realize the night before season opens that you have something wrong with your bow that requires service or a new part. You might be able to get it fixed quickly or it could take weeks. Not something you want to experience if you are leaving to chase elk out west or velvet whitetails in Kentucky the first few weeks of September!

If you aren’t sending arrows down range, now is the time

Are you physically ready?

Are you physically ready?

One of the cool things about the Beast Mode Archery Challenge Games was the premise that if you can compete in the event, you are ready for the mountains. Physical fitness begets mental toughness; two things you will need no matter what quarry you pursue. If you are not working out at all, now is the time because the clock is ticking. Right now we are talking to our online personal training clients and backing out from the start day of their hunt and are primed to perform. We look at is as game day so over the next two months, we will ramp up volume and prescribe more hunt specific movement patterns.  If you have not begun to train our DIY Programs can help.  Here is a breakdown of the various plans:

  • Base Conditioning: 6-week plan to help build a solid fitness foundation
  • Back Country: 6-week plan to help prepare you for elk or mule deer trips
  • Archery Power: 6 week plan for the bow hunter
  • Beast Mode Competition: 12 week plan to prepare for outdoor competitions
  • The Drake: 6-week plan for those who prefer to chase ducks over deer
  • Bullet Proof Shoulders: A pre-rehab routine to improve performance and reduce risk of injury

Affordable and effective, these programs have been designed by exercise physiologists who hunt, fish and do all things outdoors. The programs translate to the field and will improve your experience this fall. For a once in a life elk tag, that experience is what will make the memory.

What more can we do for you? The entire premise of #FitToHunt is to offer services, products and community that support the overall wellness of our Tribe. Thanks for being part of our community and we cannot wait to see what you accomplish in this many days!

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