Nutrition and proper hydration are key to your overall success in the field and being hungry in the woods is no fun. 
Wilderness Athlete Pack Out Bars are Coach Jeremy’s favorites!

Having the right fuel in the field will allow you to stay in the stand longer, increasing your odds of punching a tag.  Proper hydration will grant you better focus and performance at the moment of truth.  The right snacks can also help stoke your metabolism to help keep you warm on cold days.

Candy bars and soda taste great but they are short-lived and provide very little in the way of performance, so we wanted to see what our team and some of our friends in the industry put in their packs when they head to the stand.  Here is what we found out!

Nick Lape, Fit To Hunt

“I keep a small bag of nuts and usually take a protein shake. I don’t much like eating but if I get a bit of protein in, I can usually last a good long while. I don’t necessarily like to eat much in the stand.  For hydration I take a bottle of water premixed with Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover.”

Brad Luttrell, Co-Founder GoWild

“For half-day hunts, I stay light. Sometimes that’s as simple as some venison jerky, or other times I will rely on various types of bars. Typically, on half-day hunts and since I hunt mostly whitetail or turkeys and am not moving or burning a ton of calories, I don’t rely heavily on fluids, either. I can travel with minimal water for a hunt. However, that strategy does change for me if it is a full day hunt. If the hunt is a full-day hunt, I must have caffeine, which doubles as a warm-me-up drink in the form of coffee. Also, when doing a full-day hunt, I will bring a bit of variety for my food. I really like the Caveman Paleo Bars. They are healthy, and don’t have a bunch of ingredients that are likely to upset your stomach.”

GoWild Co-Founder Brad Luttrell

Annie Morozko, Fit To Hunt

“For snacks and hydration, I keep it simple.  I am usually not out there for long, so I don’t need much. A cliff protein builder bar and water is simple and easy. “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” – because without food or water you’re going to have a rough hunt. The builder bar provides me with the right macros that I need to keep me going until the next meal.”

And let’s not forget about our friends out west!

Jesse Paulsen with a HUGE New Mexico Bull

Jesse Paulsen, Wilderness Athlete

“The two snacks that I use almost every time I go into the backwoods, regardless of whether it’s a day trip or a 10-day hunt.

1. Hydrate and Recover- this is my go-to to help me recover, hike farther, and stay hydrated and keep me healthy the whole hunt.  Absolute necessity for me.

2. Packout bars- I am not a huge eater in the morning but after I slam a Superman and get to glassing, I usually have a Pack Out Bar that really gives me some steady energy and is easy on the stomach. Definitely beats the pop tarts!”

What do you keep in your pack?  Leave us a comment and tell us what kind of nutrition you take into the field!