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Life is about goals. You make them and put in the work to accomplish each one. Some take longer than others, and some just need the motivation to get started. That’s where our personal training programs come in. They can be done anytime, anywhere and are created toward your fitness level and desires. 

The hunt of a lifetime starts from within and personal training provides the right motivation and support to help you succeed. Our personal trainers are hunters, fishermen, and all-around outdoorsmen. Just like you, they live to be outdoors. Spending as much time taking in everything that nature has to offer and sharing it with their families. 

For you, being Fit To Hunt doesn’t just mean having the strength to pull your bow back and be ready for the shot, it means conditioning yourself to have the energy to make hunting an all day event. No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, you need fitness training that is always there and ready to keep you going. We’ll get you there.

Together, we’ll make sure you enjoy the hunt, and fatigue leaves your mind, so you can solely focus on what’s important, making that big shot.

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From Those Who Stay Fit To Hunt

Beyond impressed with the program Jeremy and his team have in place. I was planning a trip out west to hunt elk in the Rockies. All I kept hearing from folks was how the mountain will beat you down. My physical ability was top notch, and while packing my bull elk out on day 18, I was still smiling. Thank you Jeremy and Fit To Hunt!

Bryan R.

I have had Jeremy on my podcast Whitetail Rendezvous a couple of times. He always brings great insights about what it takes to be Fit To Hunt. He has partnered with Wilderness Athlete to get me in shape through a 28-day Challenge and is an excellent coach!

Bruce H.

They helped prepare me (a 40+ dude with a surgically repaired knee) for the hunt of a lifetime. They listened to me and adjusted workouts to fit me. They check in with you regularly and offer encouragement. I’m going to be honest – that pack out off the mountain in knee-deep snow through Aspen Grove, with an animal on my back…it was brutal. I could not have done it without them. Proud to have a picture with my Montana muley while wearing my camo Fit to Hunt hat…a reminder of what they did for me – and can do for you!

Jem E.

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