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It’s never too late to get in shape. We understand you’re tired at the end of a long work day and it’s difficult to even think about working out. But we’ve handled the hardest part about taking this challenge. Our custom workout plans are specifically designed for you and your fitness level. They’re created to specifically meet your goals. No matter if you are a beginner or you’re looking to get back in the swing of things, our personal trainers are ready to help you get started.


Think of it this way, your physical fitness is important for a number of different reasons. Obviously your health, but think about all the outdoor activities you love to do. How much you love making your way to your tree stand in the early mornings? Or waking up early to catch the top of the mountain just before noon? Think about why it’s important for outdoorsmen to have high physical performance. How great it would be to not be physically exhausted after it a trek through the woods or even up the mountain. Being able to use your strength to effortlessly maneuver your bow and easily carry all your gear on your back. The benefits outweigh the alternative.


Our custom workout plans are a six week program full of hand-picked exercises and instructions. You’ll receive access to exercise resources and videos that will help assure you become an expert in your training.

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From Those Who Stay Fit To Hunt

Beyond impressed with the program Jeremy and his team have in place. I was planning a trip out west to hunt elk in the Rockies. All I kept hearing from folks was how the mountain will beat you down. My physical ability was top notch, and while packing my bull elk out on day 18, I was still smiling. Thank you Jeremy and Fit To Hunt!

Bryan R.

I have had Jeremy on my podcast Whitetail Rendezvous a couple of times. He always brings great insights about what it takes to be Fit To Hunt. He has partnered with Wilderness Athlete to get me in shape through a 28-day Challenge and is an excellent coach!

Bruce H.

They helped prepare me (a 40+ dude with a surgically repaired knee) for the hunt of a lifetime. They listened to me and adjusted workouts to fit me. They check in with you regularly and offer encouragement. I’m going to be honest – that pack out off the mountain in knee-deep snow through Aspen Grove, with an animal on my back…it was brutal. I could not have done it without them. Proud to have a picture with my Montana muley while wearing my camo Fit to Hunt hat…a reminder of what they did for me – and can do for you!

Jem E.

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