August is here and high school football training camps are in full swing!

All across the country, teams are putting the final touches on game plans, skills, and other strategies to prepare for games in September. Many of these kids have been training all year to be ready on opening day. You might not be preparing to tackle a running back but come September, many of us will be chasing elk, whitetail, pronghorn, and mule deer.  With only a few weeks left before you go afield, let’s discuss some strategies and programs that will have you ready for opening day.

Break in your boots

You can run, cycle, and row but nothing will give you hunt-specific conditioning like a heavy pack. Rucking, or hiking with a weighted pack, will benefit any type of hunter and we even recommend the practice to our whitetail hunters. At this point, you should consider ramping up frequency, intensity, or time each week until you are approximately two weeks out from your hunt. During those two weeks, we recommend you pull back on overall volume and intensity; a process called tapering. The goal is to have you peaking on day one of your hunt. Not showing up with legs that feel beat to hell. If you are currently rucking, we recommend this formula:

Heavy Pack Out: 1-2 miles performed a few times per month (the weight of an elk hindquarter or equivalent weight based on the game species you hunt)

Long distance: 5-10 miles with 20-30 pounds (the weight of your day pack) once a week

Speed ruck: 2-3 miles with 20-30 pounds one to two times a week where you pick up the pace

If you aren’t rucking at all, start with 10% of your body weight and pick a duration (30-60 minutes), and hike three days a week. Once you can get through three rucks with no discomfort, change a variable (frequency, intensity-weight or terrain, or time) but only one. Never switch up all three variables in a week.

It is important to practice how you will play. Running is great but heavy packs = hunt specific

A DIY Program to fit your needs

We offer a full menu of six-week DIY programs that are hunt specific, and while it may seem like an easy selection, that is not always the case. Let’s go through and describe some of the top selling programs and why you might want to consider using one to prep for the season.

Base Conditioning: This six-week program is designed using basic movement patterns and cardio intervals to promote fat loss and build a base layer of conditioning. If you are not training at all, this is the program for you!

Archery Power: This program is designed for the bowhunter; specifically the whitetail hunter. A total body program, emphasis is placed on core strength and movement patterns that will help a hunter draw easier and promotes stability for better accuracy.

Flatlander to Backcountry: Designed by Coach Brian Austin of the Beast Mode Archery Challenge, this uses techniques he teaches his athletes to perform to enhance muscular strength, endurance, and conditioning for western hunts. It also requires minimal equipment.

Backcountry: Our other backcountry program, contains heavy squat and deadlift patterns along with an emphasis on core strength and archer-specific strength.

The Drake: If you are a public land duck hunter and have to drag sleds full of decoys and dog hides through mud and muck, this six-week program is for you!

Bulletproof Shoulders: Our pre-rehab routine helps reduce shoulder injuries and boost overall performance.

Many times, community members will pick up a six-week DIY and Bulletproof Shoulders; especially our bowhunters!

Performing a #FitToHunt DIY two to three days a week will boost significantly boost your performance in the field and will lead to a more enjoyable experience and you can check out our menu simply by going to our DIY page by clicking here!

The saying failing to plan is planning to fail rings true with hunters just as much as it does your hometown football team. No team is going to strap on a helmet and shoulder pads and take the field without being mentally and physically prepared. You should adopt that same mindset!

How can we help you? We love interacting with our #FitToHunt community members. If you have a question or want to just connect, please email us at

Good luck during your August training camp. We know you will be ready come September 1!