As a coach, it has been my job for the last decade to teach people how to eliminate mental mistakes.

Over his career Coach Nick has seen 3 mistakes repeated over and over

We aren’t going to talk about form or exercise selection, but three mental mistakes that will derail your progress before you every truly get started. Here’s the bad news, everyone will experience all of these things at one point or another and #3 is the most important to remember. Good news? We can get around these mistakes with a little work and a shift in mindset. Here we go!

Starting Too Strong

One of the most common mistakes I see when a novice starts at the gym is something I call “Starting too Strong.” Maybe you were an avid gym goer before, or maybe your ego is telling you that you can and should lift more weight. And, of course, the cute guy/girl across the gym is watching, so if you put weight on a bar, you better lift it. Right?

WRONG! It doesn’t matter if you used to be the world’s greatest weightlifter or this is you first time in the gym ever, You have to have something to build from. For those of you that are getting back to it after years of not lifting, you should know this. Forget your pride, start small and RE-BUILD. For those of you who are novices, forget what’s going on around you and find what you can do and then BUILD from there. Starting in a spot you aren’t ready for is sure to lead to injury and derailment of goals.

Asking for help

Stubbornness and impatience are two things that tend to be brought on by lack of knowledge. This can then snowball into plateaus that take longer to overcome. My advice, ASK FOR HELP! I’m not talking about going over to the biggest guy in the gym and asking for HIS tips, I’m talking about asking a seasoned professional in the fitness industry. 

If you were to ask myself or any other of my coaching friends, all we want to do is help. We don’t have to write you a program, but we will. We don’t have to be your exclusive coach, but we will. If you have questions, find a coach and ask them. You will find that we are always waiting to help the next person with their fitness journey no matter what it may be.

What do you think we might talk to you about? Being patient with your results and remember others will see them before you? Getting out of your own way? How about implementing and sticking to real and change? Bottom line, find an experienced Coach. You will be ahead of the curve.


A good coach will help you both in and out of the gym

One of the greatest conservationists, if not the greatest, once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” That conservationist was none other than Teddy Roosevelt. This is the “A #1” biggest mistake that people make. There is literally no mistake that will derail progress faster than walking into a gym, seeing someone that “looks good” and thinking to yourself that you’ll never get there. 

Every single person on this planet that makes the decision to be healthier starts somewhere. It doesn’t matter where you start, how much experience you have, or what you look like on the first day. The challenge is coming back the second day, and then the third and so on. Anyone you could think to compare yourself to started on Day 1 just like everyone else.

There are plenty of mistakes that can be made when starting a new health and wellness journey. Learning from those mistakes is what creates discipline. Discipline is what creates consistency. Consistency is what creates success.

As we wrap up turkey season around the country it is time to start working to prepare for your fall adventures?  For a free consultation shoot me an e-mail at  I’m happy to answer any questions you might have and help you get and stay #FitToHunt!

Nick Lape is the head coach and co-founder of #FitToHunt