Try these moves to get and stay #FitToHunt

Turkey season is closing in fast and most of us are in the woods now hunting for sheds and looking for intel that will boost our chances of tagging a long beard next month. You are also putting time in the gym to prepare for your spring adventures but as our coaching team makes casual observations while personal training clients or doing our own workouts, we see three critical concepts most people are missing that will make your workouts more effective.  Here they are!

Active Warm-Ups

Go to any sporting event and you will see athletes of all sports performing movement-based drills before they take the field. These are called active warm-ups and they serve to both prepare the body for activity and reduce the risk of injury.  Think of your body like your computer. When you turn your laptop in the morning, it flashes, whines, and slowly comes online. Our bodies are remarkably similar.  Active warm-ups not only increase muscle temperature and help you loosen up, but they also prepare your nervous system for battle. Not sure what a routine looks like?  Click Here for An Active Warm-Up Routine

Active warm-ups will produce better workout results

Core Activation

Your core muscles are more than your abs despite the fact that crunches and leg lifts are what most people think when they discuss core training. Historically, we have left core work to the end of our workout but adding in two to six sets before your main lifts not only add to the positive effects of your active warm-ups, but you will also experience a better, overall workout. Every movement is initiated from your core, so if you want to crush your deadlifts, learn to activate your core prior to your main lifts. Here is one our favorite core activation moves: Click Here

Compound Movements

When you are afield, you are not just using your back, legs, or core. If you are toting gear on your back, belly crawling to a new set-up or hauling a turkey out of the woods, you are using all the muscles! Compound moves like a squat to row work everything you have in unison to create similar sensations and situations you will experience in the field.  If you aren’t doing them….start today! Click Here to See the Squat to Row

Core Activation will allow you to lift more!

Turkey season is coming in hot! Our DIY Strutter Program is specifically designed with the movement patterns and techniques to help you get and stay #FitToHunt for the turkey woods and more. Click Here to Order The Strutter DIY Strength Program.

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Jeremy Koerber is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and owner of Fit To Hunt