It is tough to stay on top

I’d say it is darn near impossible and the simple act of trying to be what you once were is not only frustrating but often times leads to overuse injuries.  The truth is those abs you are seeing from that actor in your favorite movie? They cut a lot of weight and utilized tactics that are not healthy to shoot that one scene. Did you get blown away by some gazelle-like runner at your last 5K? Those are elite athletes and probably several years your junior. Trying to be like the 1% from an aesthetic and performance perspective is a tough task but there is one concept we preach to our personal training clients at Fit To Hunt that you can adopt; be in the upper 1/3rd of everything for your peer group.

The Concept

I am not going to win the local 5K, shoot lights out at the Beast Mode Archery Challenge or bench press 250 pounds. Those days are long gone but what I strive to do is be in the upper third of life. If I run a 5K, am I finishing in the top 33% for my age group? When I am at the gym, am I moving weight at or better than the men in their middle to late 40’s? You can actually do this with just about every aspect of wellness but if you can look at you as a whole and you are performing in the upper 1/3rd of life, you probably have a sweet bank account, a solid 401K, some pretty cool deer mounts on the wall and are doing the things necessary to reduce risk for things like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

The health benefits are GREAT but the performance is what I live for. I turned 48 over the weekend and on one of the most humid days of the year, created a small hidey hole food plot in one day with the help of some hand tools and my son. We started at 9am and did not finish until 5:30pm and I had the energy to go all day. Believe me when I say you can’t put a price tag on that kind of performance.  Want to see how we created our new plot we call The Boneyard? Click here and if you like what you see, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Strive to land in the upper 1/3rd of your peer group and you will be pretty happy with the results

The Opposite Approach

There is also a flip side to this approach which is hanging on to days gone by. I am in pretty good shape. Good enough that I feel pretty confident on the pool deck but I’m no fool. I don’t look the same as I did at 28 and there is a good chance you don’t either. I had a client a few years ago who in her late 60’s, could not stop comparing herself to the cheerleader she was in high school. Now a grandma and mother of three, her body was different and while she was in the upper 1/3 of her peer group, in her mind, she wanted the cheerleader body back. This kept her from being happy and truly thriving because she was chasing an unattainable image.

Let me be clear; you can lose body fat, get in incredible shape, and perform better in your later years than when you were 30, 40, or even 50+ due to adopting lifestyle habits and creating discipline but it is unlikely you will have the physique of a high school student. At least not without Photoshop and some great lighting.

How can we help?

The goal of our coaches and personal trainers at Fit To Hunt is to help you thrive in life. Our DIY programs can help you prepare for adventure hunts, get in great shape, or simply work to be in that upper 1/3rd. You can check out our full line of training and coaching options here. You can also message us at We would love to connect with you!

Thanks for being part of our community!

Coach Jeremy