Stop overcomplicating things

If you have followed #FitToHunt for any length of time you know we focus on simple, sustainable systems that can be customized to increase the odds our clients are successful. About a month ago, we saw the wave of New Year’s training/nutrition programs hit social media and we wanted to get in front of you today to say slow down, keep it simple and focus on two things in 2022.  If you do, you will shocked at the results you will experience.  Ready?  Here we go!

Number 1: Set a goal number of workouts

On January 1, 2021, I sat a goal of achieving 208 workouts.  As I broke down the numbers I knew that this would equate to roughly four workouts per week.  I also knew that while some weeks I would get five to six sessions completed, during deer and turkey season I might only get one to two workouts.  I setup a dry erase board and kept track.  I also posted pictures of my workouts or apps to my social stories with the results (1/208).  This kept me accountable and put the goal out for the entire world to see.  Plus, knowing my workout total allowed me to plan ahead.  I front loaded a lot of sessions which helped me during various hunting seasons and working through a time frame with two severely sprained ankles.

What should your workout number be? That depends on you, your level of discipline and what you want to accomplish but if you have a desire to lose weight, get strong or go on a hunt that will challenge you physically, I would recommend at least three days a week which would set your 2022 goal at 156 workouts.

Number 2: Set your better food choice percentage

We have long been proponents of the 85% Rule which plainly states if you make the best food choice 85% of the time, 15% of the time you can eat what you want and it will not hurt you.  Most people have those percentages flip flopped.  They eat healthy 15% of the time, consume junk 85% of the time and are confused why they are not seeing results.  If you eat a salad for lunch on Monday but fast food Tuesday-Sunday, you are not going to see changes in body fat, overall weight or performance.  If you focus on eating as clean as possible 85% of the time, indulging 15% of the time with a meal or snack will not impede your objectives.

Not ready for 85%?  Try 75%.  Want to lean out and get ripped? Shoot for 95%.  It is just a number and you get to call the shots on whether your nutrition scores a C, B or A+.  Just work to get your eating habits out of the “F” range and you will be amazed at how fast you can lose weight and how good you feel!

What else?

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We look forward to being your training partner in 2022.  If we can be of service to you, please reach out. Our mission is to grow our community and help more people train for the hunt of a lifetime or just hunt for a lifetime.

Happy New Year!

Coach Jeremy