My son loves to build forts when we go to the farm. I love his imagination and creativity and champion him to create as many shelters as he can find sticks to build them.

​Right now, we are all scrambling to find shelter in the wave of the COVID-19 virus that has struck our nation. We are faced with a new normal for how we work, exercise and play. Others are faced with job loss or other stressors that are affecting their physical and mental well-being. In the face of so much uncertainty, it is time to go into survival mode.

Back to fort building, I am certain my son learned these techniques because I am a huge Survivorman junkie. This show depicts one man, Les Stroud, who visits remote places around the globe and self-films his survival for seven days. One of his first “to do’s” is shelter…hence the lean-to fort my son has become so fond of building.

Every show has a recurring philosophy when it comes to survival: stay busy.

If you watch enough episodes, you will see him scavenging for food he can either hunt or gather. He may whittle sticks, looks for ways to improve his shelter or tidy up his camp. Stroud, a musician, almost always has his harmonica and plays it in almost every episode, but why? There are three reasons:

1. Staying busy builds morale
2. Staying busy keeps your mind occupied
3. Staying busy may ultimately improve your situation and boost your chances of surviving longer

Right now, we are all in survival mode. No, you cannot go to the gym, so instead of getting down about it, create an in-home exercise program or workout.

If you are working from home, what are you learning about technology or communication that will make you even more valuable when you return to the office?
If out of work, are you REALLY looking for opportunities or are you wallowing?
If you are stuck in the house with family or homeschooling are you soaking in every second with your kids and embracing this time together or are you complaining about it?
Since we are not supposed to be out and about, are you learning to plan grocery trips or runs for needed items in advance? If you are, congratulations. You are developing skills sets.
Not a good cook? Use this time to try some new recipes.
Read a book that will help you develop personally, professionally…. or both.

In Survivorman, Stroud often goes into situations with just a multi-tool, fire starter and the clothes on his back. We have a lot more resources than that at our disposal.
He will also reference positivity and hope. Those two things may get you farther than anything else during this time frame.

I am not sure where you are right now mentally or physically but rest assured, we are all in survival mode. How we come out of this will depend on what we do during this time when our lives are turned upside down because just like being thrust into a real outdoor survival situation, no one saw this coming.

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We would love to help you not just survive but thrive.

Stay busy and as always, stay #FitToHunt