Meet The Team of Personal Trainers Who Will Get You

Fit to Hunt

Jeremy Koerber


Jeremy has been in the fitness industry since 1997 but the hunting bug has been a lifetime affair.  He can still remember watching his grandfather and uncle pack the camper shell of a pick-up with sleeping bags & gear to head for an outdoor quest (and being a little ticked off when told he was too young to go). Jeremy’s wife can thank his grandpa for making her a hunting widow every Fall. “Grandpa never forced hunting on me.  He asked if I wanted to go with him and most importantly, gave me his full attention; I have mirrored Grandpa’s passion and habits as I introduce my kids to the outdoors.” Jeremy believes hunting can be a lifetime activity if you make it a priority to take care of your body.  

Nick Lape


The only person we know who could shoot and deadlift a bull elk.  Nick is the strongman of the group.  A phenomenal fitness pro, Nick hunts everything from doves, ducks, and bucks!  You won’t catch him in teeny tiny running shorts and headbands (at least we hope we never see this) but you will see him and his clients performing well-planned strength programs that deliver results and increase performance in the field. Nick grew up very close to his dad. From day one they have been hunting and fishing buddies year in and year out. It is to the point now where Nick’s mom has to leave the room because all he and his dad talk about are fishing and hunting. Growing up with such a close-knit family has made all the difference in his life. Not only did Nick grow up with respect for God and Family but also a deep respect for the outdoors and what it means to be a part of Creation no matter what animal he is pursuing. 

Annie Morozko


Annie lifts heavy things, shoots big guns, and when not in the gym, engulfs herself in the outdoors. A NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, Annie also holds her degree in Exercise Science from Southeast Missouri State University. As a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Annie is not only physically strong, she is mentally tough. From competing in Body Building competitions to Power Lifting competitions and Spartan Races, she has done it all. She understands the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle, especially being a new mom, and tries to share her knowledge with everyone she meets.

Whether you are looking for a basic strength training program to get you started, or a more advanced program to help you reach specific goals, Annie can help you get and stay Fit to Hunt.

Cory Caruthers


Coach Cory has built a name for himself as “The Fit Dad” coach and excels at helping busy moms and dads take charge of their health.

A former zoo keeper turned fitness coach, he realized after dragging his first deer 3 miles that his training was ineffective for real-world application. He now coaches others to move better, feel great and be ready for anything life throws their way!

Available for online coaching or program design, he builds sustainable systems that will help you get and stay #FitToHunt.

Brian Austin


Brian started his career in the fitness industry in 1999 and would rather be outside packing a heavy pack or doing a sandbag workout than in the gym. He was born into a hunting family with his first hunt as an infant, carried by his parents while chasing coons with their dogs. 

The Beast Mode Archery Challenge was born out of his passion for archery, fitness, and bowhunting.  Over the past 7 years, Brian has focused his training on the “flatlander” heading into the backcountry and discovered that the hunter athlete is more in tune with their body, more committed, and focused on the objectives which is why he loves working in the hunter fitness arena.

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