With the BMAC Games happening soon this is a well timed blog….

Every fall, hunters spend hours upon hours pushing themselves against the elements. Without knowing it you’ve created a competition with yourself in your head, pushing that extra 5 or 10 minutes in the cold to try and outsmart a wary game animal. You know that at some point, all the hours spent having internal conversations and battles with the cold, heat, wind, rain or snow will mean victory with a perfectly placed arrow or bullet. This internal competition is what keeps us getting up before the sun and going to bed well after it’s gone down. You may not have competed in recreational sports for many years, you’ve found competition in hunting. 

During the offseason, many of us like to sit back and relax. We simply want to reminisce about the past season and look forward to the next. I know at times it can lead to being less prepared for the next hunting season. That’s why it’s so important to stay competitive with yourself outside of your hobbies.

Hit your gym goals

Off season is a great time to ramp up your training to achieve your gym goals. A majority of the clients I train simply want to lift more weight. During their off months, we program them to build their strength & conditioning, eventually tapering off into a maintenance type phase as the next hunting season gets here.

There are also those few, including myself, that enjoy going to multiple deer camps. We eat all of the amazing rich meals created that leave you passed out next to the fire at night. Ultimately leading to your camo fitting a little tighter. At this point, it’s time for a little damage control and making sure your credit card bill doesn’t have to get too high with new camo purchases.

Take that competitive mindset used to take down your Target Buck and transfer it over to the gym because now is the time to get the gains…in the right places.

Join a Team

It may not be hunting, but joining a rec league team of some kind can be huge in maintaining that competitive attitude. Whether you like to play softball, basketball, washers or underwater basketweaving, being a part of a team with the same goal will boost your competitive natures.

This isn’t just for playing either. Surrounding yourself with people that want to win and have fun doing it will change your attitude towards everything. So, look around for an opportunity to join a team doing something that fuels your competitive fires.

Sign up for an outdoor fitness event or race

This is an easy one, there are races literally every weekend now. Slow races, fast races, obstacle races, shooting events and more. This list is endless. Each one of these races gives you a chance to not only compete against others, but will challenge your mind in much the same way hunting season does.

One such race that we have had the pleasure of witnessing and being a part of is the Beastmode Archery Challenge . You get a chance to race against yourself and the clock while honing your archery skills. I’ll tell you, after watching this field of athletes compete, you can be certain that I’ll be one of them before too long.

Prep Starts Now

We’ve often heard the phrase that, “Next season starts when this season closes,” or something similar to that. And though you may not have anything to hunt right away or any land management to take care of, there is always something to prepare for next season. Being physically ready shouldn’t take a back seat during this time. 

As the beginning of your season approaches, you may have big plans. You may have goals to achieve or a Big Buck in mind that leaves you with a high taxidermy bill. But are you prepared for it. Have you stayed mentally tough throughout the year. Did you figure out a way to train your body and mind and stay competitive! If you are not sure where to begin in the gym, our hunt specific DIY Programs are an inexpensive way to get a GREAT workout designed by a Fit To Hunt coach for as little as $4.99 and if you are looking for a top tier event to kickstart your competitive fire and make great friends, check out and follow the Beast Mode Archery Challenge!

Stuck, need help busting through a plateau or simply have a question for Coach Nick? Email us at info@stayfittohunt.com

Nick Lape is the head strength & conditioning coach at Fit To Hunt