I would not describe myself as a great turkey hunter. I am awful with a mouth call often creating the sound of a drowning chicken but year after year, I tag a bird. I personally believe many people overthink the process it takes to kill turkeys consistently. Yes, you need to be able to call but I feel understanding turkey biology and being okay with the fact that turkeys do what turkeys want to do on any given day takes the pressure off. Why is it when I make beautiful cuts and yelps on my box call, they go the other way on Tuesday but come running to the business end of my shotgun on Wednesday? Because they are turkeys. If you want to kill one, be in the woods, a lot.

Naturally, there are other strategies that will boost your chances of filling tags, but it is uncanny the similarities between tagging turkeys and accomplishing your fitness goals.  Spoiler Alert: It takes persistence to do both.

I always take the first full week of turkey season off for three reasons:

1. There are always more turkeys to kill on opening day
2. It allows me to learn their patterns and make up for a mistake or two
3. I have seven full days to convince a bird I am what he is looking for

I usually tag in one to three days. I was off my game this year and it took me five, but the key was never giving up even when I messed up or the results were not what I envisioned. When it comes to your goals (weight loss, fat loss, building muscle, back country hunt, performance, etc.), there are many comparisons to turkey hunting.

Many times, we put in the work, but we do not get the results we envisioned or expected. It can be frustrating and discouraging. Sometimes, you feel like quitting. I had that same feeling in the woods last week at least a half dozen times…but I persevered and kept hunting.

Why isn’t your body responding? I am not sure that is a simple answer or fix. Same as why a turkey walks the opposite way one day but comes sprinting into your decoy set the very next day…or sometimes on the same day.

The simple truth is, if you are consistent with any fitness or nutrition strategy, you will ultimately get a result. There are thousands of plans, coaches and systems that will work…if you stay true and work the plan. Just like working a stubborn long beard.

Do not give up. You are closer to achieving your goals than you think.
Keep applying the principles, let our team of certified and experienced coaches know how we can help you and above all, stay #FitToHunt!