As bow season draws near, it is time to focus on the details

Move like the bow row help bow hunters draw easier

For a bow hunter, this is an exciting time of year. Most seasons for a variety of game species like whitetail deer, elk and antelope are six to eight weeks away. One thing we like to promote to our personal training clients is to plan so this blog is all about the details and making sure you are ready for opening day!

Getting Specific

We hope you have been training to prepare for your upcoming hunts because the concept of train hard, hunt easy is a very real thing. We always push our athletes to focus on building a base foundation of strength and conditioning and as the season gets closer, inject exercises that will mimic movements they may experience in the field.  Here are three of our favorites!

Kneeling Bow Row (Draw easier plus core)

Front Farmer Carry (Packing gear in and meat out)

Split Squat Step Up Combo ( Balanced leg strength and balance)

When you think you have what you need…add more

Cardiovascular fitness is something that benefits every type of bow hunter.  From scaling mountains in the west to dragging a deer in the Midwest, the fitter your ticker, the easier it will be to perform the tasks needed in the field. A high level of aerobic fitness also reduces risk of heart attack, diabetes, and stroke!

Increase either the duration or intensity of your cardio sessions 10% each week

Survival expert Les Stroud tells his students regarding firewood to get what they think they will need for a night and once they have collected enough wood, go get five times more! I feel the same way about your cardio, especially for the elk hunters in the room. In six to eight weeks, you can’t go zero to 100 mph.  That invites injury but you can and should be increasing a variable (duration or intensity) 10% each week.  For example, if you are hiking three miles, three times per week, next week hike 3.3 miles per session. Repeat that for six-weeks and you will walk into season performing 4.8-mile hikes. Trust me when I say you will be glad you did.

Is your gear ready?

On my first sit of the 2020 season, I was embarrassed to say I was throwing gear together at the last minute and quickly realized, I did not have what I needed to be successful. Please don’t be like me! Inventory your gear today and figure out what you have vs. what you need? I am famous for extending equipment long after most have chucked it but every year, we do need to pick up a few things…and I like saving money! Check out our friends at Field Supply! They offer name brand gear at discounted prices. No promo code needed! Think of them as the of the outdoor world.

You are the most valuable piece of equipment you own. Next in line is the gear you will be using in the field. Time is on your side, but action is required…today! If you need help with a customized program, please email us at

Get to work on the details, work your plan and stay #FitToHunt!