How is your New Year’s diet going?

If it is like most people, it is not going at all.  I love the prospects that January brings because there is a certain energy that comes with a clean slate. The biggest problems I see are that people make implementing healthier habits way harder than it should be.  Especially when it comes to nutrition.  Here are some thoughts that will help you eat cleaner, perform better, get leaner and stay #FitToHunt!

The pros and cons of diets

The reality of a diet is that there are two parts to every methodology.  The day you go on your diet and the day you come off that diet.  It is as inevitable as the tides.  Every plan from Keto to Intermittent Fasting has both good parts and bad.  For example, Keto can result in efficient weight loss.  It also takes the “low-fat” type of eating out of the mix because one of the keys in Keto are the consumption of good fats.  The cons are that the diet is extremely difficult to maintain, can cause unpleasant symptoms (tired and foggy) and can REALLY put a strain on the kidneys.  We are not saying to not try Keto. One of our team members had tremendous success with the diet.  What we are saying is that that for every diet, there are both good and bad elements.

Pulling out the best parts and adapting

Over the summer, my wife lost 40 pounds by utilizing elements of Keto.  A true Keto diet calls for only 5% of calories from Carbohydrates.  Beth cut hers to 16-20% of her daily intake and focused on quality proteins and good fats from sources like nuts, butter, and avocados.  She had struggled with her weight for a while, but once she implemented this process, the pounds fell off.  However, if she felt sluggish or foggy, she increased her percentage of carbohydrates.  Keto purists may call foul, but it is sustainable, and it works. Could you do the same thing with a concept like intermittent fasting?  Sure.  If it is healthy, sustainable and works, find what works for you and do more of it!

Utilizing the best parts of the Keto Diet and making adaptions, Beth lost 40 pounds last summer

Nutrition simplified

#FitToHunt field team member and long-time personal trainer Steve Payne of More than Exercise has a simple motto for nutrition.  If it ran around or grew in the ground, eat it.  We make nutrition harder than it needs to be.  We also eat a lot of processed crap from a box.  Focus on whole foods.  Get lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables.  You have full freezers of organic clean protein so make the most of it!  Try new things with a vegetable.  Eat a salad at lunch with your protein.  Keep it simple and stay consistent.

I have been coaching now for close to 24 years and I continue to learn every day.  As move into February, a time when most have quit on their goals, I challenge you to double down and make learning how to eat cleaner a priority.  You will look better, feel better and will stay #FitToHunt!

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Jeremy Koerber is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and owner of Fit To Hunt