September is here!

Brad Luttrell of GoWild admires a hard earned buck

If you aren’t putting the final touches on your stand sets you are likely shooting some doves to pass the time until you can climb into that stand. It is such a magical time full of excitement, anticipation, and promise. You have worked your tail off but the last thing we want you to do is fall off your plan now that it is time to pursue whitetails.  Here are some thoughts to keep you on target throughout the next five months!

Big Picture

Whitetail hunting poses different time challenges than your western brothers and sisters who chase elk and mule deer. Many of those individuals train for a set time (seven to fourteen days) where they will go all in to fill a tag. For those of us who pursue whitetails, it is a long season and while it is possible, we could strike lightening in a bottle in September the lure of the rut and doe management will pull us back to the stand now through January. This means a lot of hours in a stand and possibly fewer in the gym.

Re-vamp your goals

The effort and tactics you used to get you to season will be different that those you use in-season. Now is the time to take out a piece of paper and write down everything that you want to accomplish now through January such as:

  • Tag a target buck
  • Put X number of deer in the freezer
  • Exercise X number of times per week
  • Maintain current weight or fitness conditioning

Write these out, make them as measurable as possible and for anything that requires immediate action, like putting in the days you will be hunting and working out into your schedule, do it now because if you don’t, something will slip through the cracks…and that something will be your workouts.

It is possible to hunt A LOT and maintain your workouts during season!

Plan and execute

Failure to plan is planning to fail and quite honestly, there is no reason why you must lose conditioning, gain weight, or fall off the wellness wagon.  Those are all choices that come from failing to plan and most importantly, failing to execute the plan as designed.  Take the week of your rut-cation off but shoot for a minimum of two total body workouts with interval training throughout the week.  Meal prep Monday through Friday then take healthy snacks to the field.  Hunting season does not have to mean a total abandonment of your routine.  Change it as needed but you worked too damn hard to get here to abandon it now!

If you need help formulating a game plan, need support or have a question, please email us at We would be happy to help you develop a routine that will allow you to stay #FitToHunt all season long!

Re-vamp your goals, execute your plan and stay #FitToHunt!