It is always possible to sit down against a big oak opening morning and have a long beard stroll in front of the business end of your shotgun at fly down. It has happened to me, but it is rare. Most of the time, it is a game of endurance combined with a flashes of fast action and pure adrenaline. You don’t have to be physically fit to kill turkeys, but it helps.

Here are five reasons you should start training for turkey season today!

Time is on your side
Being the first week in February, you have roughly six to ten weeks to improve your fitness before opening day, depending on what state you live in. We aren’t asking you to train for a marathon, but if you start a program now, you will be physically better than you are today.

Stronger core = more opportunity
Whether belly crawling to get in range or simply holding a shotgun steady on a hung-up gobbler, a stronger core will result in more opportunities to harvest turkeys. If you suffer from low back pain, a stronger core will also help you stay in the field longer. The more time afield, the greater your chances of tagging.

Getting winded means fewer opportunities
The ability to walk long stretches or climb a ridge to cut off a gobbler without getting winded will not only make for a better experience, it will help you kill more turkeys. Having to stop and catch your breath when birds are on the move puts you at a disadvantage.

Remain pliable
Sitting for long periods of time can cause anyone to get stiff and achy. Working on flexibility and range of motion exercises can help you remain loose and pliable in the field. At some point, we all get stiff but those who actively work on their flexibility last longer than those who do not.

Drop a turkey
We aren’t suggesting you drop a turkey, but if you lose 15-20 pounds before opening day, you will see an incredible difference in how you feel and perform in the field. Again, time is on your side. 1 ½ pounds a week would net you 15 pounds in ten weeks, so start today.

Hunting turkeys is not as arduous as killing elk but there are physical components that impact your success.
If you need help piecing together a program, the experienced coaches at #FitToHunt are here to help you prepare for your upcoming adventure.

What do you do to get physically ready for turkey season?