Yep! We did it.

We always thought the concept of working out for a better experience on the water to be, well, silly. That was until we started seeing clients reap the benefit of training in their angling pursuits. After going over some schematics and selecting the best exercises from the workouts our clients were raving about, The Fit To Fish DIY was born. Here is the breakdown!

We aren’t sitting on a bucket waiting for a bobber to go under

This isn’t the kind of fishing where we are sitting on a bucket with a Busch Light in our hand. This is fishing that requires some physicality. Some examples include:

  • Fly fishing
  • Fishing with a kayak or canoe
  • Wade fishing

Even standing for long periods of time on a boat or the shoreline can produce low back fatigue and tightness. We also listened to what our clients were telling us regarding:

  • Traversing rocky, slippery streams
  • Loading and unloading kayaks and canoes
  • Being able to paddle and drag a kayak or canoe
  • Having healthy shoulders to work a fly rod for hours on end

This is where the light bulb went off.

The components

Fit To Fish follows the same workout flow as our other hunt-specific workout programs including:

  • Active warm-up and foam rolling
  • Core activation
  • Athletic performance/power development
  • Functional strength
Catching a stringer full of crappie is a lot of fun!

The difference lies in the volume and intensity. You will likely never need to possess the same level of fitness as an elk hunter. Those are two different activities requiring two different levels of strength & conditioning, but a strong core, healthy shoulders, balance & agility, and a high level of strength will benefit fishermen as well. Then, there are the health benefits.

Of course, we want you to have better experiences each time you wet a line, but much like our mission of helping you hunt for a lifetime, the same can be said for fishing. Chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease can rob you of time on the water. A bad back, torn rotator cuff, and overall weakness will cut short your ability to paddle a kayak or cast a fly rod. With this program and a little consistency, you might be able to add years to your fishing adventures.

What to expect

Much like our other DIY programs, we recommend you perform Fit To Fish two to three times per week and walk in between each strength workout. Some of the exercises you will see in this program include:

Sets and reps can also be scaled up or down to accommodate your current fitness level. And, if you do not have a piece of equipment for a specific exercise, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel or email us at to find alternate movements.

As a personal trainer and longtime coach, I know that a higher level of fitness improves your recreational pursuits. Fishing is no different and a little training with the right program will improve your experience today and could quite possibly add more years to catching fish.

Landing a trout requires some physicality

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