For as much as I love goals, I despise the idea of a resolution.

Build relationship wellness by focusing on family

Mainly because resolutions have no substance.  They are merely words; Spoke most often after a few libations are consumed and typically, are the previous years’ wishes that never came true. If you embrace the #FitToHunt lifestyle, you are driven to accomplish great and difficult things.  Here are some guidelines to follow that will help you hit your marks in 2021.

Spread the Wealth

There are more things to consider than physical health.  The wellness spectrum entails concepts of physical, mental, social, occupational, financial, relationship and spiritual wellness and they all interconnect.  If you are out of balance in one area, the others will suffer.  As you create your objectives for 2021, make sure to cover all the areas in the wellness spectrum.

Be specific…and write them down

Do you want to participate in a Tough Mudder, go on a backcountry hunt, arrow a Pope and Young buck, buy 50 acres or land your dream job?  Write down what you want to accomplish and be specific. I have a list of goals that are posted on my wall.  I pass them everyday as I walk out of the house which helps me stay focused.

Set a time frame

Do you want to become a better archer in 2021? What are the actions you will take to make it happen?

My latest set of goals are due in August 2025 and they include objectives such as:

  • Home mortgage under $______ or paid off
  • Purchase an 80-acre farm or add to existing farm
  • College fund for my sons worth $______
  • Fit To Hunt Revenues $______annually
  • Go on two western hunts (Merriam’s turkey and elk)
  • Retirement fund worth $______
  • Begin cabin construction (if building site secured)

Sorry…you do not get to see my real financial numbers, but you get the drift.  My goals are clearly defined, and I am working to achieve them by 8/31/2025.

What do your time-specific goals look like?

Your road map

Do you have a backcountry elk hunt planned? What about running a Tough Mudder?

Now is the time to set up short-term goals which are the specific actions you will take to obtain your BIG scary goals. If your long-term objectives are the destination, think of your short term as the road map or stops along the way to get to your destination.  For example, you cannot purchase hunting property if you do not save or invest. Decide what you can afford monthly and set up an auto-deduction so that amount goes directly to your land fund.  No way you buy 50 acres in a year, but small, intentional actions over a five-to-ten-year period may surprise you.

Intended vs. Realized Results

Remember my time-specific goals above?  My intent is to achieve every one of them as written and I have short-term goals designed to help me accomplish them, but guess what will happen if I stay laser focused, do all I can and not hit every one of them as stated? Spoiler Alert: I will have accomplished a hell of a lot!  There are certain things we cannot control but if you bust your hump and stay focused, you will move the needle on your objectives even if you do not accomplish every one of them as written.  That would be the realized result.  It does not mean you failed.  It means you have persevered. For example, did you see COVID-19 coming?  Neither did I, but I assessed, adapted, and overcame adversity in 2020.  Did I accomplish everything I set out to as written?  Nope.  Did I accomplish a lot more because I had clearly defined, time specific goals with an action plan?  Absolutely!

We are grateful you are part of the #FitToHunt community and are excited to see all you will accomplish in 2021.  To help you get started we are offering 20% off our DIY workouts from now until January 31, 2021!  Use promo code: DIY20 at checkout and get #FitToHunt in the new year!