We sell hunt-specific workout programs and lifestyle apparel

For those of you who do not know us, we started this party back in December 2014. I had been kicking around the idea for a while after I saw a commercial for Wilderness Athlete on the Outdoor Channel. It just made sense to combine our profession with our passion, and with a few conversations, Fit To Hunt was born. Then the hard part started. We had to let people know who we were, what we stood for, and what we could do for them. Here are some of the ways we are building our community.


“You guys are really relatable and easy to talk to.” This was a recurring theme we kept hearing over and over. Despite the fact our website was not flashy and we don’t have an app, we were and continue to click with the prospects, companies, and clients we have the privilege of knowing. I have long said, that creating science-based, performance programs for people to excel in the outdoors is a piece of cake. I’ve done it for almost 27 years. What differentiates us from other fitness companies is our desire to know you. Not in a superficial or transactional way but in a manner that lets us know we positively impacted you. To this day, I put a handwritten thank you card in every apparel order that goes out or send a thank you email for our online program sales and that will never change. I kid people when I say I hope this business gets so big that I just sit and sign cards all day long. That would be a heck of a problem to have.

Training vs. Coaching

As I previously stated, designing workout programs is not that hard. Helping people navigate the minefield of life and stick to a program is an art form; an art form that we excel at. We recently started using the Marco Polo app with our coaching clients and the result has been incredible. If you are not familiar with the app, think of video texting. I can carry on a conversation with clients without physically being present. This works extremely well with my clients Cody and Jeremiah. Cody runs West Texas Outfitters and Jeremiah operates From Field To Plate. Cody lives in Texas while Jeremiah calls California home. Both have busy lives, families, and demanding careers. Being able to connect through apps like Marco Polo and our coaching software allows us to build and deepen relationships to help our clients crush their goals! It is also fun when clients become friends. I was recently invited on a 2025 waterfowl hunt with an online client from Maryland. Seeing the business grow is awesome. Meeting new people and building friendships across the United States and beyond is even better.

Coach Jeremy uses video texting apps to communicate with clients in different time zones or who have VERY busy lives to help them stay successful

The best content

We are also working to build and deliver content that anyone with a smartphone can access and consume. I have said it many times over; I don’t care if you buy one thing from us if something we put out on YouTube or our Instagram page helped you become better. We produce a weekly exercise of the week email that is free to anyone and our coaches are constantly working to provide new content that gives you tips, tools, and support to do great things. We don’t hide the “good stuff” behind a paywall. That info is there in plain sight. All you have to do is subscribe and follow. We will do the rest and we do not expect a thing in return.

One person at a time

There is A LOT of noise on the Internet. There is quite a bit of flash as well. We aren’t flashy. We are simple and that is why the folks who work with us are so successful. Our DIY programs fit any budget and will produce some incredible results when performed consistently. And while we market on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we do not have the marketing budget other companies possess and that is okay. We are building this business and the community one conversation at a time. It is very slow, but it works. I know how good our programs are, the quality of our gear, and the expertise of our coaching staff. We’d like to reach more people but it’s all in good time. I know if God wanted to, he could touch his finger to #FitToHunt and it could blow up to social media influencer or YouTuber status…but maybe that isn’t in the cards for us. It certainly isn’t our mission even though those platforms allow us to connect with folks like you.

No, I think our fate lies in the fact we are coaches, outdoorsmen, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters all working to help our followers get ready for the hunt of a lifetime or just hunt for a lifetime. And if that is all it ever becomes, it would be time well spent.

Why do you follow #FitToHunt and what can we do to help you be the best version of yourself possible?