Guitar chords sound cool by themselves but they will never become a song unless they are arranged in the right way. Your attempts at building a solid workout program might be the same as those random chords.

Every day I walk into the gym, I see inefficiencies, poor form, the wrong levels of intensity, high and low, and exercise arrangements that will not produce results. Once in a while, I may offer a tip but I usually reserve my advice for those who ask for it. The purpose of this article is twofold.

  1. I want you to think through the hunts and fishing adventures you have planned for 2024
  2. I want you to have the tools to ensure your program ensures you are ready for those adventures

Time is on your side

What’s your pleasure? A Florida Osceola turkey hunt, a September elk excursion, or a Midwest whitetail hunt? The best way to set up your training plan for 2024 is to back into it. If you know when you need to be ready to perform, identifying the process to get there becomes much clearer.

An honest assessment

To understand what program is right for you, we need to understand what your current fitness level is like. This is not a criticism or a judgment. It is what we need to know to ensure we provide a linear program that allows you to progress accordingly while reducing the risk of injury. If you are brand new to a workout or nutrition plan, the goal is to build a base level of conditioning. If you are already working out regularly, you can look at more advanced programming that will contain higher-level exercises and volume. Working with a professional coach who understands the movement patterns you will utilize on your hunt is imperative to your success.

Remote Client Bill G trains for adventures in Alaska. Last year he landed a MONSTER salmon and in 2024 he is after an Alaskan brown bear

Big to small

Forget the bicep curls and DB triceps extensions. Those are great for helping you look good in a tee shirt and that is about it. Your goal for your strength workouts is to focus on:

  1. Total body strength programs
  2. Use big muscle groups before you get to the small, single-joint movements (biceps curls, etc)

Your program should include:

  • Rowing and pull-down motions
  • Squat and hinge (deadlift) patterns
  • Pressing motions
  • Heavy carries and core movements that work multiple planes of movement

I tell all my clients, “If you have enough gas left in the tank and want to throw in some bicep curls, go for it!” Shoot, I do it, but if you are basing your performance on bicep curls, triceps movement, and the inner/outer thigh machine, be ready for disappointment in the field.

Hunt specific movements

Erin Merrill with her 2021 Maine Moose. She tagged this bull because of one hunt-specific movement we added a month before the hunt.

This is when it gets fun. I call this the dialing-in period. For example, we used a rifle stability drill to help Erin Merrill of And A Strong Cup of Coffee prepare for her moose hunt in 2021. Of all the drills we prescribed, I had no idea this one would be the reason she was able to make an offhand shot at 220 yards in the final minutes of her hunt to punch a once-in-a-lifetime tag.  Another favorite of mine is the box over. With or without the burpee, this move is vital to backcountry hunters who will be crawling over big boulders and deadfalls. These movements are typically prescribed in the final 6-8 weeks before your hunt and they are what makes the programming fun. What will you experience on your trip? Understand that and we can find an exercise to complement it!

Follow these tips and you will be WAY ahead of the curve for 2024. Another way you can ensure you are ready is through our remote training program. It is our Cadillac plan and contains:

  • Consultation and goal-setting
  • Nutritional counseling
  • 4-week customized program
  • Unlimited text/email support
  • Weekly accountability call
  • Private FB group

It is more cost-effective as two in-person 1-on-1 training programs and you can get your first month for $25 off the regular price by clicking here and using code: JAN24.

Thanks for allowing us to help you prepare for your adventures. We appreciate you and are excited to see all you accomplish in the New Year!