With many bow seasons opening across the county, is it too late to boost your fitness and get #FitToHunt?  Absolutely not! 

There is still time to boost your conditioning….and your odds

It is not possible to have you in tip top condition for a backpack elk trip in four weeks or less, but there is a huge benefit to starting to add exercise into your lifestyle.  While hard to stratify, even a 5% improvement in your conditioning will add to the enjoyment of your hunt and boost your odds.  Here is how you can build your plan!

Stay Basic

There are a multitude of exercises we deploy that are hunt-specific but if you are just starting a program, stick to basic presses, pulls, stand exercises, and moves that will strengthen your core.  Foundational moves such as:

Maximize Your Time

If season is four weeks out or less, maximize your time.  Recently, Coach James Faith of Warrior Performance Institute in Colorado Springs helped a client prepare for a backcountry caribou hunt in Alaska using a high intensity, bootcamp-style approach.

The client lost 17 ½ pounds in four weeks.  Coach Faith stated “We used high intensity interval training three times a week for 45 minutes per session.  I also helped him dial in his nutrition and hydration.  He boosted his baseline fitness tests 18% in just four weeks.”

This is proof that you can accomplish a boost in performance in a short period of time if you dial it in and adopt laser-focus prior to your hunt.

Train Total Body

If you can tell me what day chest & triceps is on the mountain or ridge top, I will yield and let you do body part exercises, but you are not training to be a body builder.  You are working to get #FitToHunt.  You use every muscle you have in the field so train that way.  Total body strength for the win!

Do not compare yourself to others

A mistake in this phase is to compare yourself to others such as outdoor celebs like Cameron Hanes or former Navy SEAL David Goggins.  While impressive, both gentleman have been training for years.  You are brand new and if you begin comparing your conditioning or physique to others, you will find yourself losing motivation.  Focus on you, not what others are doing.

Get Real

We cannot tell you how much fitness or conditioning you can gain in four weeks or less, but we can promise that a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.  Even if you do a series of push-ups, planks and body weight squats every other day in your living room, you will be fitter in the field and that will boost your odds of success.

If you have questions please email us at info@stayfittohunt.com.  You can also download our Base Conditioning program by Clicking Here.