We don’t really care how good you look in your camouflage

That is a statement we have made for years because our number one focus for our clients is performance in the field. Not that looking good in your hunting gear is not important; on the contrary, if you look good, you typically perform better and there is a good reason why we want your waistline to shrink: Blasting belly fat may help you reduce your risk of some pretty nasty chronic disease states that can end your hunting lifestyle. Here are some recommendations to blast belly fat, perform better in the field, and Stay #FitToHunt!

Why belly fat is bad

Take aesthetics out of the conversation. Holding excess body fat in your mid-section puts you at an increased risk for:

  • Cardiovascular disease like heart attack or stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Some types of cancer

And as moms, dads, brothers, friends, sons and daughters, life gets busy. As we age, many of us, without intentional action, tend to put on weight. Typically, this happens in increments; a few pounds here, a few pounds there. It is a phenomenon we call creeping weight gain.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend the following:

  • Men should strive to have a waistline below 40 inches
  • Non-pregnant women should shoot for a waistline below 35 inches

I feel those numbers are too high and we should strive to keep that waistline below 35 inches.

You cannot burn belly fat

Well, you can but you cannot target belly fat. Fat is fat and muscle is muscle. An exercise like a crunch works the muscle, not belly fat. This means you can do crunches until you are blue in the face and it will not reduce your waistline one inch. Fat loss will occur through a combination of:

  • Regular exercise (strength training and aerobic exercise)
  • Nutrition improvements (higher quality nutrition and fewer junk calories)
  • More movement throughout your day (activities of daily living)
  • High-quality sleep

There are other tactics you can deploy, but understand when you combine these actions and are consistent, you will lose body fat, but you lose it from head to toe. Depending on your genetics, you may lose it from your face and neck before you notice changes in your waistline and there is not a thing you can do except stay the course.

Jeremiah implemented a simple process that literally made his pants fall off.

Simple Changes

I am a firm believer that we over complicate everything. Online personal training client and friend Jeremiah Doughty of From Field to Plate is 14 pounds down in just a few months with some very simple tactics. His routine consists of:

  • 2-3 strength workouts per week
  • Improving the nutritional density of the meals he cooks (swapping for healthier ingredients and cooking methods)
  • Walking his Labrador Retriever 2 miles per day

Last week the unthinkable happened; he had to buy new pants because his old clothes were falling off! The message I received stated: “I hate that I have to go buy new clothes while at the same time, I love that I have to go buy new clothes!”

Food is his jam and he earns a living going on hunts and teaching people how to process and cook their harvests but he noticed that he had gained weight. It was impacting his health and how he performed in the field, so we pieced together a simple process; a process that fit his lifestyle and is working.

Something else has happened with Jeremiah. His wife and kids are also picking up his habits which is incredible. The entire family is slowly but surely improving their overall health and the statement Jeremiah and his wife are making to his kids is that taking care of your health and making it a priority is important.

For a guy that travels the country, he needed simple and simple works. 

Build a support system

The idea for this blog came from a direct message we received on GoWild from a friend asking about how to reduce body fat. We took the time to connect with her and gave her the same info and recommendations we are writing about here but we also wanted to support her efforts. Believe me, people who have a strong support system tend to achieve goals at a faster rate than going it alone. It is one of the best features of our Remote Coaching Program but you can get the same support by exercising with a friend. It does not matter if you struggle or not with consistency, surrounding yourself with people who champion your efforts results in a much better outcome.

A sound program that allows you to reduce your waistline will pay both health and confidence dividends.  You will also perform better in the field, on the water or on the mountain. If you would like a free consultation to discuss your program, please email us at info@stayfittohunt.com. We absolutely love connecting with you!

What are tactics you have used to lose body fat and lose inches around your waistline?