There is more to success than how much you bench

As I sit here making plans for a trip to hunt turkeys in Texas later this month, I started to think about all the things that have impacted my training and the training of our clients over the past few months. Truthfully, COVID did a number on us physically, financially and for many, has changed the way we work. So many pitfalls lie in front of us as we try to make it to the gym. Coach Nick and I were talking earlier this week about future topics we will write about in the coming months that will take you past the barbell and help you get and stay #FitToHunt no matter the barriers that lie in front of you!  Here is a sneak peak of what is to come.

Find a friend

Accountability is key. I train with my sons, Coach Nick has a virtual pact with a longtime friend that helps keep him on the straight and narrow.  We are both dad’s who work full-time jobs and run a growing, international fitness company.  The danger of the dad bod/mom bod is just as real for us as it is for you. Find a friend that can hold you accountable and see your results soar.

Aging and elasticity

As a guy who is staring down the barrel at 47, let me tell you I have to work to keep the legs “springy.” I’m plenty strong but that pogo-like effect seems to diminish each year. As I prepare to run ridges chasing gobblers, it is important that I can climb those ridges quickly and with as little energy expenditure as possible. That is where the concept of plyometrics come to play. Yes, the same things you see high school athletes do are some of the same movements we perform in the gym.  The difference is the type of exercise selected, intensity and frequency. If you are finding it harder to perform in the field, this is a topic you will want to dive into.


A major pitfall that de-rails a high percentage of people is running into a barrier or roadblock that prevents them from performing their workout program. Psychologically, many people feel they have completely failed and quit. Do you have any idea how many times in my life I have had to re-start a program or scale back reps due to life getting in the way? This concept is more about mindset, discipline, planning and adaptation than motivation but it is a key concept to not letting life bite you in the backside.

Compete everyday

There is a social media site with this name and I LOVE the concept. Whether you were an athlete or not in school, I challenge the notion that those days are gone. If you do things in the outdoors, you are an athlete.  An athlete mindset will allow you to win in the gym, at work and in life. One of most common charges to our clients is to win the day.  If you are not actively trying to win the day, there is a high probability you won’t.  Mindset is key.

Coach Nick has a boatload of topics that will complement the fitness/nutrition content we create and if you have not noticed, that is something that sets #FitToHunt apart from the other smash workouts that exist online and in your community. We combine exercise science, proper nutrition and coaching principles centered around balanced wellness to help you thrive!

What you do today will impact what you become 10, 20 and 30 years down the line. The time is now to take charge of your health and fitness. If we can be of service, email us at and let us help you get beyond the barbell!