That is a weird question.  Isn’t the entire premise of this community to help people gain the physical prowess to live the outdoor lifestyle and excel doing it? 
Training hard is critical but balance in your life is even more important.

Normally, the answer would be yes but a recent conversation with an online coaching client opened my eyes to something bigger than (insert collective gasp) hunting and fitness.

The Conversation

Bill started with Fit To Hunt in August 2019 and at the time he began an online program he had a few things happening such as:

  • Running a service-based business
  • Serving as an alderman for a local municipality
  • Was playing the role of son, brother, and husband
  • Had a new baby on the way

Since that time, Bill has lost 47 pounds, excelled in the role of husband & father, grew his business, won re-election, and found balance in a year (COVID) where balance is hard to come by.

In our weekly accountability call, Bill told me that hunting was going to take a backseat in 2020.  His reasons were incredible.  “I am striving to be Fit To Hunt but right now, I am hunting other things.” 

Bill is willing to focus on other things that will allow him to become even more successful in lieu of spending more time in a tree.  He will hunt a few days during firearms season, but he is laser focused on strengthening his family, faith and fitness.  In his words, “if I am able to do this now, I’ll have plenty of time to hunt later.”

Immediate Gratification

What made this conversation so intriguing is that we are moving into the best part of the rut.  I’ll be honest, I am having trouble focusing on writing this article because I am so excited to get back in a stand.  What Bill is doing is denying himself immediate gratification to stay focused on hitting his goals. 

We can explain this another way.  If you want to lose ten pounds, you need to move more and make better food choices.  Stay consistent and you will likely drop a few pounds.  But what happens if you walk into a friends house and they are making hot fudge sundaes?  If you choose the ice cream over sticking to your plan, you have fell victim to immediate gratification.

It would be easy for Bill to place his fitness, family, and faith on the backburner throughout deer season, but he has chosen to forgo immediate gratification and stay laser focused!

Long-Term Play

Another tactic Bill is using is visualization.  He has a crystal-clear vision of what he wants to accomplish and what his life will look and feel like once he obtains his weight loss, business, and family goals.  In fact, he is already thinking about what the next set of goals will look like because he is that confident in his ability to be successful.

Bill is willing to play longball because he can see how obtaining his goals will positively impact every facet in his life.  He may not hunt much in 2020 but in the coming years, he may have the ability to hunt as much as he wants because of the work he is doing right now.

It isn’t too early to think about 2021!

Next month, we are going to begin talking about why you should be thinking about your tactics and strategies for 2021.  We do not want you to wait until New Year’s Eve to begin thinking about how you will get and stay Fit To Hunt.

Right now, the deer are chasing and many of us are focused on one thing: whitetails!  As you spend time in the stand over the next few weeks, start thinking about what your goals are for the New Year.  We would love to help you develop a plan that will help you maximize and improve your life. For more information email us at