Staying Fit To Hunt… Begins (From Within)

Personal Training For Any Hunt

Our goal is simple…

To provide outdoorsmen and women with the proper training and fitness programs to take on ANY adventure.

Fit To Hunt programs were forged by human instinct and the desire to press on, built by personal trainers that are here to help you achieve success.

The End Goal Is Always Success

We are passionate about fitness and even more so about the outdoors. We’re hunters, fishermen, hikers, and all-around outdoorsmen who are always ready to enjoy nature in its purest form. But to get the most out of the outdoors, you need to get the most out of yourself.

Whether deer hunting, scaling a mountainside, or taking a hike through the woods, strength & conditioning are important factors to success. Stronger, healthier muscles mean easier mornings walking to your tree stand. It means having the strength to draw your bow with ease. It means keeping your balance trekking through a moving creek. And most importantly, it means being the healthiest version of yourself possible.

We’re personal trainers who are always ready to get you there. With specialized fitness programs that are constructed for each aspect of hunting, we’re ready to provide the motivation and support needed for you to achieve those goals.

How It Works

DIY Online Programs

Choose from one of five structured workout plans that ensure your outdoor goals are met. Each fitness program is designed to get you ready to tackle a variety of different hunts and have the conditioning to boost endurance, build muscle, and melt fat. 

Personal Training

Make sure you’re on a consistent path toward progress. With customized personal workout plans, your physical fitness will be specifically designed to help you meet your goals. Our online personal training gives you the motivation and support needed for the hunt of a lifetime.

Custom Programs

Designed with you in mind, these custom programs are specific to your goals, fitness level, and interests. We’ll put you in place to succeed so when it’s time to hunt, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.


ONLY $19.99!


6 Week Program

Gain Stamina

Fit To Hunt Trainer Access

Fit To Hunt Video Library Access

Base Conditioning

6 Week Program

Great For Beginners

Increases Hunting Endurance

Fit To Hunt Video Library Access

The Strutter

Built For Long Treks

Prevents Fatigue

Strengthens Legs, Core, and More

Increases Hunting Endurance

Back Country

Built For Long Treks

Prevents Fatigue

Strengthens Legs, Core, and More

Increases Hunting Endurance

Archery Power

Maximize Results

The Extra Edge

Compliments Your Strength Plan

Customized To Your Fitness Level

From Those Who Stay Fit To Hunt

Beyond impressed with the program Jeremy and his team have in place. I was planning a trip out west to hunt elk in the Rockies. All I kept hearing from folks was how the mountain will beat you down. My physical ability was top notch, and while packing my bull elk out on day 18, I was still smiling. Thank you Jeremy and Fit To Hunt!

Bryan R.

I have had Jeremy on my podcast Whitetail Rendezvous a couple of times. He always brings great insights about what it takes to be Fit To Hunt. He has partnered with Wilderness Athlete to get me in shape through a 28-day Challenge and is an excellent coach!

Bruce H.

They helped prepare me (a 40+ dude with a surgically repaired knee) for the hunt of a lifetime. They listened to me and adjusted workouts to fit me. They check in with you regularly and offer encouragement. I’m going to be honest – that pack out off the mountain in knee-deep snow through Aspen Grove, with an animal on my back…it was brutal. I could not have done it without them. Proud to have a picture with my Montana muley while wearing my camo Fit to Hunt hat…a reminder of what they did for me – and can do for you!

Jem E.

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